Businesses rely on us to provide them with location solutions.  These businesses need to track their staff or assets will as little fuss as possible.  We have provided solutions to hundreds of UK businesses.

Business will either want to provide additional security to their staff, perhaps whilst working abroad, or secure their assets during transit.  We provide many products into businesses to meet these objectives.

Firstly, the GPS Box provides exception features for the tracking of assets.  The GPS Box is waterproof and can operate for approximately 3 week between charges.  If static it will report in just once a day and its battery can last up to 2 years. It can also receive a live power feed from a vehicle if required.  The GPS Box can be thrown on a pallet for you to understand your movement of stock.  Indeed, once purchased you will be able to watch your GPS Box that it moves through the Royal Mail system as it is delivered to you!  This is a unique product design and manufactured in the UK.


Secondly, your business may want to track its staff.  You can do this by using the less accurate mobile phone location in the uk ( or use an accurate GPS device.  This can be something they carry with them or wear on their wrist.  Please see a sample of the products below.

Smart GPSGPS 007GPS Watch