FollowUs offers a range of live GPS tracking devices for the individual and each one has unique features to meet your needs.  Our GPS devices are accurate to approx. 10 meters subject to them having sufficient line of sight.

Our live tracking devices come in two flavours.  Firstly, there are devices that give a live track when requested, and secondly, there are devices to stream in location data so you can physically watch the move down the road.

Tracking devices that give a live track/position only when requested are the Smart GPS, the GPS 007 and the GPS Watch.   All 3 products are optimised for the tracking of persons or assets.  The GPS watch is worn by the person so is not covert and may be used by an elderly parent, child, or perhaps an individual at risk during overseas travel.  The two other devices can be used more covertly if required.  All 3 devices have a battery life of approximately 1 day before requiring re-charging.

Smart GPSGPS 007GPS Watch

The second type of device is one that streams in a location every 1 minute.  Our GPS Box fulfills this role and is often used to secure assets and covertly track vehicles.  It is fully waterproof and its battery can last approximately 2-3 weeks between charging.


If you don’t need to know a live location for your device, then a GPS logger is a low cost option.  Our GPS loggers will store their journeys/movements on their internal memory for you to download to your PC at a later date.  Our 3 GPS loggers are the GPS Dongle, the GPS pen and the GPS Matchbox.  Each one is designed to be powered in a different way.  Please see their information sheets to see which one may be best for you.

GPS PenGPS DongleGPS Matchbox