Tracker reports its location every 60secs when moving

Ideal For: Tracking Vehicles or Assets whether for Private, Commercial or Investigator use. Also designed for Fleet Management. Fully Waterproof Unit.

GPS Box price of £275 (excl. VAT) plus mapping payment option:

1. Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Mapping and GPS Box
Includes the GPS Box device and gives you as many locations as the device can report to you in one month for £17.25 with our trusted Pay-As-You-Go. No contract or hidden costs and you can cancel at any time without penalty. *

Our Price: £342.25
incl. VAT

2. Pay Annual Mapping and GPS Box
Includes the GPS Box device and gives you as many locations as the device can report to you in one year, giving you a years mapping and connectivity for £172.50 - a 2 month free discount. No contract or hidden and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Our Price: £497.50
incl. VAT

Make your use of this product carbon neutral for an extra £25.00
Please ask for more information. ideal for council sub-contractors

  Product Information

The GPS Box is a fully waterproof, low cost, advanced, GPS tracking system that is very simple to use. The GPS Box reports a location every 1 minute (updated every 5 minutes to your PC) so you can watch your asset or vehicle move down the street. With constant use the internal battery will last approximately 2/3 weeks before requiring a re-charge. On a static asset, it will report a location once a day and the battery will last for up to 2 years.

The GPS Box is shipped fully operational and you can watch it being delivered to you through the Royal Mail network!! Accuracy is down to street level.

The GPS Box comes with free software that you download to your PC or laptop, which allows you to watch your vehicles or assets move about live. Our monthly cost includes the sim card we supply within the sealed device and there are NO hidden costs or contract tie-in's unlike our competitors.

Key features are as follows:-

  • Internal rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery that will keep the device operational for a minimium of 2/3 weeks between charges, so fully portable from asset to vehicles with no need to install.
  • Option to install/hardwired into vehicle or direct 12v power feed
  • GPS Box is IP57 rated - waterproof - so can be used in outdoor environments with confidence.
  • GPS Box reports a location every 60 seconds with updates every 5 minutes to your tracking page.
  • Full reports of movement available with free software.
  • No contractual tie-ins.
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly of £17.25 for as many locations as the device can report to you in one month.
  • Quite simply this is the most capable, best value tracking device you will be able to find, fully water proof and with a battery life that allows you swap it between assets or vehicles without installation.

    For information click here to download our data sheet

*If you select the monthly pay-as-you-go method of payment, you card will be automatically debited with the monthly cost and you will be sent an invoice. You can cancel this payment with a months notice at any time without penalty. This is a trusted Pay-As-You-Go service. Please note that if you cancel the monthly mapping service, then we will disconnect the sim card in the device. The network operator will charge us to reconnect this sim card if you want to reinstate the device at a later date, which is circa. £30.00 (at the time of print) and you will be asked to reimburse us for this cost, subject to your providing consent.

  Detailed Specification

The unit is using GPS to receive time, date longitude, latitude, speed, direction data and communication is via GSM.


GSM Unit
GSM 900 MHz (2 watt) Class 4
GSM 1800 MHz (1 watt) Class 1
50 Ohm External Antenna (FME Male Coaxial Connector)


NMEA-0183 Version 2
16 channels parallel
10-20 meter 2D/RMS
Cold Start
1 to 3 minutes (No Effective Data)
Hot Start
10 Sec (Position, time, almanac* and ephemeris* is valid)
Warm Start
30 Sec (Position, time and almanac is valid)
Active Microstrip patch at 1575.42± 1.023 MHz, 15mA - 25mA at 3.3 - 5.5v

* Almanac: The orbital information of the GPS satellites
* Ephemeris: The detailed information of the GPS orbits


Power Saving Mode
Operating Temperature
(-20©C to +55©C)
130mm x 90mm x 30mm (similar size to a slice to bread but thicker)
ABS Plastic
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