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Ideal For: Car mileage monitor, vehicle movement logging, fuel/mileage verification.

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  Product Information

Introducing the miniature GPS Dongle at the incredible price of £29.99 incl. VAT

So what's a GPS Dongle? It's a stand-a-lone GPS device that stores all it's movements on an internal memory chip. This data can then be download from the GPS Dongle to your laptop or PC using its USB connector at a later date. What's more, this device is small enough to put on your key ring when not in use!

Key points for the GPS Dongle are:

1. Possibility the world’s most cost effective GPS logger.

2. The tiny GPS Dongle can be hidden within a vehicle where it will record the vehicles movement then can be removed and then placed in your computers USB port where a map will be displayed on your PC screen. The map will show the vehicles movement history displayed within Google maps. Google maps are free!

3. Note this unit will need to be connected to the vehicles power supply to operate (a standard cigar adaptor is supplied).

4. This unit can also be used as a GPS receiver for your laptop and interface with navigation software loaded onto your laptop.

Limited UK stocks special offer price £29.00 Inc VAT !!!

The GPS Dongle allows you to very discreetly track of your assets. For questions about this device please call 01582 460960.

  Detailed Specification

Key Features:

  1. Users can output NMEA data by USB
  2. Built-in memory for self-logging.
  3. Max. over 100,000 way-point of logging
  4. Multiple recording modes for option
  5. Chipset Atmel / u-box Antaris 4
  6. Channels 16


Update rate up to 4Hz

Very good sensitivity (-158dBm)

Very small and light

Logging rate can be adjusted by time and/or distance

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