GPS Globe
Global Tracking. Reports in set number of locations per day

Ideal For: Boats, assets, extreme travellers, containers. Operates worldwide and off-shore

1. Annual Mapping & 1 Track Per Day
    including GPS Globe

Gives you 1 location per day for 1 year using satellite communications, subject to operational environment.

Our Price: £595.00
incl. VAT

2. Annual Mapping with 12 Tracks per Day
     including GPS Globe

Gives you a location every 2 hours for 1 year using satellite communications, subject to operational environment.

Our Price: £725.00
incl. VAT

  Product Information

The GPS GLOBE is world class and operates worldwide! The GPS GLOBE does not use the mobile phone network to communicate it's location, but instead transmits to a orbiting satellite. This means the GPS GLOBE will happily report in its location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where clearly you would not have any GSM (mobile phone network) reception. This is a GO and REPORT ANYWHERE solution, subject to coverage. See our coverage map below for more information.

Key features of the GPS GLOBE are:

• Global ANYWHERE GPS tracking from the trackingwebsite.
• Up to 1 Year Battery Life if tracking once per day!
• Approx. 1-2 months Battery Life if tracking 12 time per day.
• GPS Globe is powered by 4 standard AA size Lithium batteries (easy to replace in Globe and    batteries available worldwide).
   *The Manufacturer advises a battery life of over 3 years but this has not been tested by FollowUs and    conservative figures are given above.

This unit is water resistant and has multiple applications:

• Trailer Tracking
• Extreme Travellers and Adventurers!
• Container Tracing
• Vehicle Tracking
• Boat / Jet Ski Tracking

Also included is worldwide mapping console to track the unit’s movements.

Please note that the GPS Globe requires light of sight to the sky for the satellite communications to operate. Refunds will not be provided where devices are found to be fully operational, but where the user has put them in an environment where they are unable to report their location. You are welcome to contact us if you would like further information in this respect.

Please contact us for international sales to non-EU countries as VAT at 15% may be deductible from the purchase price.

  Detailed Specification

Standard Messaging:

Wake, GPS locate, Transmit location, Resume sleep
Up to 12 programmable sleep
time-of-wake settings

Alternative Reporting:

Alternate supervisory reporting
schedule triggered by “alarm” or motion
Transmits GPS location on alternate
interval for programmed time or while alarm remains active

Integrated Motion Sensor:

Message on start and stop
Engage interval override on motion for set time or while in motion

Messaging Cost Reduction Feature :

Reduced satellite messaging if asset remains in same location

Change of Location:

Theft recovery reporting based on distance moved
Reduced messaging

Field Replaceable Batteries:

Uses 2 AA “off-the-shelf” lithium batteries
2 additional batteries can be installed in parallel for 3+ years battery life. (Statement from manufacturer and not tested by FollowUs).


Open door sensor
Bare wire cable
USB Configuration Cable

Installs in minutes using automotive adhesive tape or included mounting bracket
Global LEO Satellite operation using the Globalstar Simplex Data Network

SMARTONE Certifications:

Intrinsic Safety (UL Class 1, Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D) for US and Canada
FCC CFR Parts 15 and 25
Industry Canada
CE Mark (European Certification)
SAE J1455 MIL STD 810
NEMA 4X / IP68
RoHS Compliant

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