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Ideal For: Covert Record of Movement, Outdoor Pursuits, Extreme Sports, Mileage Records.

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  Product Information

Introducing the GPS Matchbox

The GPS matchbox is a stand-a-lone GPS logger that stores all it's movements on an internal memory chip. The closest comparison that you may be familiar with could be a black box recorder on an aircraft.

Do not confuse our GPS matchbox with lower quality loggers that have low memory capacity and poor reliability. Our GPS matchbox is high spec. and can memorise up to 140,000 separate locations which enables it to record its location say every 5 seconds/24 hours a day for up to 90 days before its memory runs out.

The GPS matchbox uses the free Google Earth mapping, so you only have the one-off cost to buy the matchbox, and there are no other payments or mapping costs for the life of the product.

Features of the matchbox are:

  • The GPS matchbox has a rechargeable battery, and is supplied with a USB lead to charge from a pc and a cigarette charger to use with a 12v vehicle power supply.
  • The GPS matchbox battery will last approximately 12 hours. However, remember that the matchbox can take a live 12v power feed so that it never looses power.
  • Our matchbox logger comes with free software with various set-up options. You can ask it to record its location on time intervals, distance traveled or on change in bearing.
  • The matchbox is smaller than most comparable devices and is very light.
  • You can download the recorded data using a USB lead or bluetooth to your PC. We recommend you use the USB lead supplied. 
  • Our GPS matchbox has a rubberised outer casing and is splash proof.
  • UK support.

The GPS matchbox allows you to very discreetly track of your assets, vehicles and persons. For questions about this device please call 01582 460960.

  Detailed Specification

Key Features:

  1. Users can output NMEA data by either USB and Bluetooth interface or each of them for navigation software.
  2. Built-in memory for self-logging.
  3. Max. over 140,000 way-point of logging
  4. Multiple recording modes for option
  5. Support Push-to-log and manually section the tracks integrated with photos or special marks.
  6. Battery power stays up to over 12 hours in operation with logging on.
  7. Auto power saving mode available.
  8. Splash proof design.
  9. Provide password setting to secure the privacy.
  10. PC Programming software provided freely (Time machine X) Log data is retrievable and read by software.
  11. Chip set Atmel / u-box Antaris 4
  12. Channels 16


  1. Update rate up to 4Hz
  2. Very good sensitivity (-158dBm)
  3. Small and light (60 x 38 x 16 mm, 48g with rechargeable battery)
  4. Charges via standard mini-A USB, or car adapter included
  5. Logging rate can be adjusted by time and/or distance
  6. Bluetooth can be switched off for power saving
  7. Track button can mark a way point and start a new track
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