GPS Logger

Ideal For: Covert Record of Movement, Outdoor Pursuits, Extreme Sports, Mileage Records.

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  Product Information

The GPS Pen is a true plug and play device. Simply plug it into your PC and the software automatically downloads to your PC. It will then open a map and show its movements without you doing anything!

The GPS pen stores all its movements on an internal memory chip. The closest comparison that you may be familiar with could be a black box recorder on an aircraft.

Do not confuse our GPS pen with lower quality loggers that have low memory capacity and poor reliability. Our GPS Pen is high spec. and can memorise up to 94,000 separate locations that enables it to record its location say every 5 seconds/24 hours a day for over 70 days (depending on battery power).

Our GPS Pen uses free mapping and uses Google Earth or Google Maps, so for this product you only have the one-off cost to buy the Pen, and there are no other payments or mapping costs for the life of the product.

The GPS Pen differs from the GPS matchbox in that the GPS matchbox is powered by a rechargeable battery, whilst the GPS Pen uses 2 AAA batteries. They are also different in appearance, dimensions, and the GPS Pen has an LCD screen.


• It is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

• You can set the device so that it is only awake and using its power when it is moving.

• It will last approximately 17 hours. Remember this can be extended to 17 hours of ‘moving time’ if you set it to only report its location when moving, so it can make the Pen remain operational for much longer.

• Our GPS Pen comes with free software with various set-up options. You can ask it to record its location on time intervals, distance traveled or on change in bearing.

• Our GPS Pen has a rubberised outer casing and is splash proof.

• UK support.

The GPS Pen allows you to very discreetly track of your assets, vehicles and persons. For questions about this device please call 01582 460960

  Detailed Specification


GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
Channels 16 Channel all in view tracking
Correlator 8192 search bins with GPS acquisition accelerator
Chipset u-blox ATR0625
Protocol NMEA 0183 V2.3 (not export)
Update rate 1Hz
Antenna Type Built in Patch Antenna
Interface USB 2.0
Accuracy 2.5m CEP (stand-alone, S/A off) 2.0m CEP (SBAS)
Dimensions 85*31*23 mm
Weight 39 g (without battery)
Operating temperature -10°C ~ 60°C

Signal levels: * Strong: typ. 4g * Weak: typ 1g

Reacquisition <1 sec
Cold start

34 sec

Battery Source 1300 mA (AAA alkaline battery *2)
Full Operation Average Current 80 mA
Operation Time More than 15 hours

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